Congratulations to our PhD students who graduated this week

Posted on Wednesday 11th July 2012

Congratulations to our PhD students who graduated this week.

Graduates and paper titles are as follows:

  • Carolina Bonivento - 'Action execution and recognition: A neuropsychological analysis'
  • Kevin Cassidy - 'The other-race effect in face perception and recognition: Contributions of social categorisation and processing strategy'
  • Magdalena Chechlacz - 'The neuroanatomy of visuospatial awareness - lessons from lesion symptom mapping and diffusion tractography in neglect , extinction and simultanagnosia'
  • Ian Elliott - 'Psychological characteristics of users of child pornography on the internet'
  • Caroline Gillett - 'Behavioural investigations of interpersonal action'
  • Setu Havanur - 'The interaction between perceptual grouping and attention'
  • Juliane Honisch - 'Dance ensemble synchronisation: Movement timing between two or more people'
  • Rita Intili - 'Borderline personality disorder and emotion information processing'
  • Arthur Lugtigheid - 'Psychophysics and modeling of depth perception'
  • Caroline Richards - 'Autism Spectrum Disorder phenomonology in Phelan-McDermid'
  • Shannon Vettor - 'Offender profiling: A review, critique, and an investigation of the influence of context, perception, and motivations on sexual offending'
  • Jane Waite - 'Factors impacting on the chronicity of challenging behaviours in genetic disorders'