About HSMC

The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) at the University of Birmingham is the leading UK centre providing a combination of research, teaching, professional development and consultancy to health and social care agencies.  HSMC has established a unique reputation as a 'critical friend' of the healthcare community.

The commissioning and provision of healthcare outside hospitals have become specific areas of expertise in recent years, underpinned by a continuing commitment to issues of quality improvement and public and patient engagement.

Our reputation has also started to extend to adult social care, with a growing track record in inter-agency commissioning and provision of health and social care services. HSMC has also developed a national and international reputation for both organisational and leadership development across all health settings.

Distinctive features of HSMC's work and reputation

  • Its recognition of the interdependence between research, teaching and consultancy, with each individual activity potentially enriching and informing the other two.
  • Its dual expertise on process and content when working with health and social services.
  • Its emphasis on providing research-based policy analysis, development and teaching to the health and social care community.

This approach is often summarised as a commitment to rigour and relevance in the development of people and policy in TCPR-imagehealth and social care - with HSMC spanning the traditional divide between academic study and the worlds of policy and practice.  In particular, the highly regarded 'added value' of HSMC comes where each of our three core activities is informed by the other:

  • With research (R) providing an evidence base for our consultancy and teaching.
  • With the knowledge from our consultancy work (C) informing our teaching and research.
  • With teaching (T) and policy advice (P) codifying and disseminating learning from research and consultancy.

Image: Research, teaching, consultancy and policy advice as a 'virtuous circle'