Personal Skills Award

At Birmingham, your opportunities to learn and develop your skills extend far beyond your degree. Our award-winning Personal Skills Award (PSA) recognises your extra-curricular activities and provides well-prepared evidence of your achievements to future employers.

The scheme has been designed to enable you to develop and recognise your personal and professional skills by undertaking optional activities and/or employability modules whilst at University and reflecting on your experiences.

Carl Gilleard, Association of Graduate Recruiters "Twenty-first century graduates need to demonstrate to employers that they can 'hit the ground running'. In addition to working hard to gain a good degree, students should engage in extra-curricular activities and obtain work experience in order to develop skills that will make them better prepared for the world of work"

You can achieve the PSA by undertaking one of our three pathways; each one helps you to highlight your range of skills to prospective employers.

  • The PSA (Foundation) opens up a suite of innovative online modules to develop your skill set, exclusively for University of Birmingham students.
  • The PSA (Modular) enables you to practice your professional skills by undertaking bespoke accredited modules on topics such as leadership and project management.
  • The PSA (Activity) recognises and develops your skills by taking part in on-campus activities such as: being a Student Ambassador, sporting activities or external work experience and volunteering. There are over 200 on-campus activities recognised, offering you the opportunity to undertake new experiences, meet new people, and prepare yourself for graduate employment.

The PSA is supported by a range of graduate employers.The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) recognises the importance and success of the PSA and recently gave us the Best Graduate Preparation in Higher Education Award.

The PSA has a limited number of places however enrolment is open for each of our pathways each September.

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