Meet your lecturers: Professor Alice Roberts

Professor Alice Roberts on teaching "One of the best things about teaching is that you are constantly coming across new points of view, teaching people who are pushing you to examine your own ideas"

Clinical anatomist, author and broadcaster Alice Roberts is the University's Professor of Public Engagement in Science. You can watch Alice's lecture 'Origins of us: Human Anatomy and Evolution' below.  

Alice, who regularly appears as a science presenter on TV programmes including Coast, Time Team and Horizon, as well as The Incredible Human Journey, Don’t Die Young, Origins of Us and Prehistoric Autopsy, joined the University on 1 February, 2012.

Alice carries out a range of academic duties which include teaching first year medical students, second year Biosciences and intercalating medics along with supervising PHD students.  As part of Alice’s role as Professor of Public Engagement she helps to promote the University’s academics and their research to the general public, and inspiring people about science. 

Professor Alice Roberts  "Science is so important to our economy, to politics and education, but perhaps more than anything, I'm keen to promote science as an integral part of our culture."

Learn more about Alice's approach to teaching and learning by watching the videos on this page.