The new University main Library now under construction in the north west corner of central campus will provide outstanding facilities for a new generation of students and researchers. It will open in summer 2016.

Overlooking the centre of our beautiful campus, the new library will be an inspirational place to study, with study and research desks near to the windows, allowing all users of the building to benefit from natural light and stunning views. Inside, careful attention has been paid to the efficient use of space, accessibility for all, and the 12km of open access shelving will be arranged in such a way as to be far more intuitive to navigate. 

For our students

The new, technology-rich main Library will house a variety of learning spaces to cater for different modes of study. An increased number of study spaces, all with power points, will allow students to work in the Library from their own devices. Flexible training rooms will also be incorporated to enable us to develop the important academic skills support offered by Library staff. A/V listening and video editing booths will enhance the existing facilities already available on campus. 

On the ground floor, there will be a dedicated student space, with a range of study places and ready access to Library and IT support. This space will also contain a reference collection of high demand "essential texts", providing access to key reading list material whenever the building is open.

Library infographic

Work has already started on reorganising sequences of books in readiness for the move - and this is already making it easier to find heavily used texts in the current library.

For our researchers

The new building will include a state-of-the-art, research annexe in the lower ground floor featuring 50km of shelving which will bring together our low use but important heritage print collection. This area will be a realisation of a desire to bring more of the University’s collections into a single space, and make it more accessible to Library users. Knowledgeable staff will be available to facilitate access to this research material, with a small consultation area within the space for those who need access to the collections in situ.  There will also be a dedicated research space on the first floor of the new Library, which will include both a quiet reading room and a breakout space for improved researcher networking and collaboration.

The Green Heart

Detailed studies carried out on the existing library before a new building was decided upon showed it was not feasible to refurbish the existing library to the standards required to give students and researchers the 21st century facility they need. The new library will sit in the centre of campus, adjacent to the existing building.  Once the new building is built and operational, the old library will be redundant and will be demolished, with the land upon which it sits forming part of the Green Heart - a major new open space which will be a focus for the whole of the campus.


The building reached its highest point in June 2015, when a ceremony was held on site to mark the occasion. You can view this, and building progress until autumn 2015, below.

Building Webcam