July 2013

Posted on Thursday 12th September 2013
  • Russell Beale was interviewed by Central TV News about the breadth of information available on the internet in light of a court case of man who had used the web to make a bomb.
  • Professor Richard Williams was interviewed by BBC Radio WM and Power Technology magazine about a £6 million grant from EPSRC to create a new cryogenic energy storage centre at Birmingham.
  • Dr Simon Cotton contributed Khat on a hot tin roof but it’s no meow-meow.
  • Dr Mirco Musolesi’s work on mobile data to prevent the spread of epidemics was featured by Time magazine in an article focusing on big data and how it can be used to predict trends and quell disasters.
  • Professor Richard Williams featured in The Sunday Telegraph discussing how businesses can benefit from fresh and innovative ideas.
  • Dr  Zoe Schnepp and Professor Laura Piddock involvement in ‘Soap box Science’ was featured in the Times Higher Education.
  • Dr Nick Hawes and Dora the robot were interviewed at the Cheltenham Science Festival by the BBC World Service programme Clickat and for download here.
  • Professor Richard Williams was interviewed by Euroasia Industry Journal for an in-depth feature on liquid air.
  • Professor Bob Stone's work using virtual reality to aid the recovery of injured soldiers was featured by the Kenya Star, Medical News Today, Beijing News, Bio Portfolio and Newstrack India. Professor Stone was also interviewed by World News Network.
  • Nerve gas - the dark side of warfare. Podcast by Dr Simon Cotton