Film & Media

3 weeks
Course Type
Summer School, Undergraduate

Based in the Department of Film and Creative Writing, this programme will provide you with an introduction to studying and experiencing film and media culture in the United Kingdom.

Seminars, lectures and workshops will combine with field trips and external activities to offer a comprehensive picture of the disciplines and their place in modern society. Professional academics and practitioners from the University of Birmingham will be on hand to provide expert guidance and support.


The intensive three week programme in Film & Media covers an array of topics including:

• Film Screenings
You will engage in critical textual analysis and discuss film aesthetics, production processes and viewing contexts.

• Tours
Tours during the programme may include the BBC Centre, independent cinemas and the Warner Bros. Studio.

• Storytelling
You will explore some different theoretical constructs and consider the ways in which stories utilise particular tactics and techniques.

• Ethical Filmmaking
Introducing a range of important ethical issues generated by filmmaking, using key examples from film, television and social media.

• Post-Truth, Absurdity and the Memeplex
Sessions devoted to the study and analysis of film and media within the contemporary context of ‘post-truth’, introducing you to the complexities of postgraduate film studies.

• Genre
You will look at the evolution of quality/complex TV, and consider the functions of genre in film and television through a close analysis particular genres.

• Place, Space, Location, Representation
Introducing ideas related to film and place from local, national and global perspectives, whilst building on the experiences of the local tours.

• Filmmaking Workshops
Sessions focusing on screenwriting, pre-production, lighting, acting, directing, sound and editing.

• Sweded Film Production
In groups, you will produce short films, putting into practice the ideas, theories and practical techniques you have learned.

This is a three week programme and is equivalent to an accredited undergraduate course (20 UK credits, 5 US credits or 10 ECTS). All students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Please note that the programme plan is subject to confirmation for BISS 2022.

The BISS was an exceptional and International experience for me. It did not only advance my studies and knowledge of Film and Media, but even gave me the chance to make friends across the globe and grow personally.

Maren, Film & Media programme

To be accepted onto the Film & Media programme you must:

On completion of the Programme in addition to obtaining 20 credits you will have been given an opportunity to:

• Understand the basic principles of film and media scholarship in the UK
• Appreciate ways in which film and media are distributed and consumed in the UK
• Demonstrate an awareness of the history of film and media in the UK
• Develop and deliver ideas in writing and through critical discussion

Assessment Methods

The programme is formally assessed with a written assignment and a group filming project.