1. What are the dates of each semester?

    You can find the dates on our term dates page.

    Please note that if you are applying for a one semester placement, our Autumn semester, then the last teaching day is Friday 18 December 2020 and you will be completing alternative assessments as you won't be on campus for the January assessment period.

    Please note that if you are applying for a one semester placement, our Spring semester, then you will be on campus until Friday 25 June 2021 and you will be completing your final assessments during the June assessment period.  This semester includes a three week Easter break from the 29 March until the 16 April 2021.

  2. I have to arrive late, what is the latest date I can arrive?

    We strongly advise students to arrive on the weekend before the Welcome Week so they can attend the compulsory orientation events and the various module registration sessions that are run by each of our schools/colleges.

    The latest date that students can arrive and be accepted onto modules is the last working day of the second week of teaching in each semester, students will not be accepted onto modules after these dates.

    Students who arrive at a later date and miss the orientation events and module registration sessions at the start of each semester will find it more difficult to finalise their module registration and will struggle to settle into campus life.

  3. What are the deadlines for applying to Birmingham?

    You can find all the information you need about applying and the date by which you need to have completed your application on our fees and dates page. If you are an Erasmus or International Exchange student, your home university must nominate you first. If you are a fee paying student you can apply directly online without a prior nomination from your home university but you will need to visit our contacts page (please see question 22 below) and complete our enquiry form to request the link to the application.

  4. What documents do I need to submit when I apply online?

    When applying, you will need to upload the following supporting documentation:

    • A copy of an official transcript showing the courses taken and grades;
    • A copy of your valid passport/ID photo page;
    • Evidence of English Language (if applicable).
  5. What are the English Language requirements for Study Abroad?

    The most up to date information regarding English language requirements can be found on our How to Apply pages.

  6. What are the Academic Entry requirements for International Exchange and Study Abroad Fee-Paying students?

    The most up to date information regarding Academic entry requirements can be found on our How to Apply pages.

  7. What happens after I have applied?

    After you have applied online we will review the application and the applications are processed on a rolling basis. Once you have been made an offer of a place you will receive an offer letter. All of the information that you require prior to your arrival at the University will be sent to you electronically or it will be available on-line. 

    All students who have had an offer will be sent full details of the orientation events by email. It is important that you check your emails regularly, as some of our events will be tailored individually for you.

  8. How long does it take before my application is approved?

    After you have applied online we will review your application and we will get back to you as soon as possible if there are any queries with your application. Please be aware that it can take a longer period of time to receive an offer during busy periods.

  9. If I receive a conditional offer letter and then meet the conditions of my offer, do I receive an unconditional offer letter?

    After you have met the conditions of your offer letter, you are not sent an unconditional offer letter but you will be unconditionally accepted on our systems by the admissions team and they will then send you your visa document (if required). You will also then receive your online registration email so you can complete your online registration and access your MyBham account and other UoB online student resources.

  10. When will I receive my online registration email?

    After you have been made 'unconditional accepted' on our systems by the admissions team you will be sent your online registration email, which will contain your username, password and instructions on how you complete your online registration.

  11. How do I find out about what classes I can study?

    You can access one of the widest ranges of study areas available at any UK institution and the majority of our classes are open to incoming exchange and study abroad students, providing you meet entry requirements. The only exceptions are classes within our College of Medical and Dental Sciences, this college is not open to incoming exchange and study abroad students and you must have a Law background or experience of studying Law to register to Law classes at the University of Birmingham, even if the Law classes are optional for your study plan.

    You should choose classes that are suitable for your level, interests and relevant to your subject specialism. Enrolment in advanced level modules typically requires you to have a specific level of background knowledge in the subject area.

    You will need to demonstrate that you have taken the relevant equivalent study at your home institution in order to be enrolled. We will review your home institution transcript before registering you for your chosen subject areas.

    Further information about classes

  12. How many credits do i need to take during my study placement?

    If you are here for one year, you must take 60 UK credits per semester - 120 UK credits in total. If you are here for one semester, you must take 60 UK credits in total. All modules listed are subject to availability. Some modules do require some previous experience of study and your application will be reviewed to see if you are suitable. Spaces on many modules are limited, so please do keep this in mind when making your choices. You will be emailed a link to an online module selection form to submit your choices after the application deadline.

  13. Where do I see my registered classes?

    When you have completed your online registration, you can then access your MyBham account and various online student resources. Within your MyBham account, you need to select the 'my programme' tab and then a section will be displayed called 'My registered modules', this will show all your current registered modules.

  14. Will I be sent a class timetable in advance of my arrival?

    Like the majority of other UK institutions, the University of Birmingham doesn’t provide class schedules in advance of your arrival. Your individual, personalised timetable will not be finalised until after you arrive at Birmingham and visit your study area schools.

  15. When do I apply for housing?

    You should apply for your housing as soon as you receive your offer letter with your Student ID number. We will also email you separately with details about how to apply. You can choose to apply for University or Private Sector housing. Further information is available on our accommodation pages.

  16. Do I need a Visa, and if so what type?

    Depending on your nationality you may need to apply for a visa to enter the UK for study. This will give you permission to enter the UK and study here. To check whether you require a visa, please read our Visa information.

  17. When do I get a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number?

    The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies or CAS number is issued directly via Admissions for students who are attending Birmingham for more than 6 months. If you are applying for entry in September, the CAS numbers will be issued between mid June and by the end of July, mid June is when visa applications can begin. You can only apply for a visa in the 3 months prior to your study start date and not before. For further details please go to Visa information.

  18. Do you offer an insurance policy to incoming study abroad and exchange students?

    We don't offer an insurance policy to incoming study abroad and exchange students you should contact your home university to find out further information about insurance policies for your study abroad placement.

  19. What are the typical living costs for a student in Birmingham?

    You can find information regarding typical living costs for a student in Birmingham on our Finance page.

  20. Can I travel to the UK via the Republic of Ireland?

    Although it may be cheaper to arrive via the Republic of Ireland this is not advised for students coming to the UK on a visa (Tier 4 or Short Term Student Visa) as you will not pass through UK Immigration. There is no passport control between Ireland and the UK which means students who arrive via this route will not have the required UK stamp in their passports and therefore will not be legally here in the UK. You will not be able to begin study and may incur additional expenses for re-entry travel back into the UK to validate visa documents.

  21. Is there an airport pick up service?

    You can find the details on our airport pick up service page.

    Unfortunately, there is no airport pick service in January but there are various public transport options that students can use to travel to campus.

  22. When I have finished my study placement, how do I receive my transcript?

    Transcripts are only generated after all your marks have been released by the various schools and your student record has been updated to 'leaver' status. The registry team generate one hard copy transcript, which is sent to your home address within your student record. If your home university accepts an electronic version of your transcript, then you and your home university can retrieve it from our VERIFY system - the study abroad team will send the instructions to you and your home university. If your home university will only accept a hard copy, then the registry team will generate another hard copy transcript, which is sent by the study abroad team via airmail or courier to your home university study abroad office.

  23. If my question is not answered after reading the FAQs, who should I contact?

    The information within this FAQs section and on the rest of the website should help you answer most questions, so please read this carefully before contacting the study abroad team. However, if you still need to contact someone in the study abroad team please visit our contacts page. Please be aware that the study abroad team will only answer questions from Erasmus, International Exchange and Study Abroad fee-paying students who are already studying at another university but wish to study at the University of Birmingham for a semester or full year as part of their home university degree.