A place to call home

We know that accommodation can be a really important consideration when you’re thinking about where to study, and you need to choose the right place for you.

We have plenty of different options to suit all preferences and price points, whether you’re looking for self-catered or catered, en-suite or shared bathroom, there’s something for everyone here at Birmingham, including some beautiful accommodation villages and friendly, welcoming communities on each.

Our accommodation villages

Explore The Vale

A guided tour from Sophie

Explore Pritchatts Park

A guided tour from Nadia

Explore Selly Oak

A guided tour from Courteney

Moving into an accommodation located only ten minutes from campus with students from all over the world was the best thing that could have happened to me in my first year at University. Pritchatts is a safe, social, and very affordable area you will love living in.


Explore your accommodation options

Hear from some of our students

Mo @ Jarratt Hall

First year, Mo, shows us around his en-suite accommodation in Selly Oak

Diana @ Ashcroft

Costa Rican student, Diana, gives us a tour of her shared flat

Jago @ Mason

Jago gives us an overview of his flat in Mason, which has been adapted to suit his needs

Having a big city a mere 10-minute journey away from the campus reassured me that I wouldn’t have to stay in the ‘university bubble’ all the time and could do my own thing still. From my first visit I could tell that this balance would be perfect for me, giving me the freedom to explore but also the safety of a university community.


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