Careers Connect troubleshooting

If you are having any issues with your Careers Connect account, take a look at our Careers Connect troubleshooting guide below.

Logging in issues

Are you using the graduate login page?

Students log in using their regular university username and password. Graduates no longer have access to these, and therefore have to re-register with us; once your registration has been approved, you log in through a different page, and will no longer be able to use links intended for students. However you will still have access to all the same information.

Are you entering your username and password correctly?

Your username should be the email address with which you registered; your password should have been sent to you when your registration was approved.

Have you forgotten your password?

While we can't tell you what your password is, you can request a reset from the system by going to the "Forgotten your password?" page and entering the email address with which you registered.

I haven't completed my profile

The first time you log into Careers Connect, you will be asked to update your profile. This should only take a couple of minutes, and allows you to sign up for email notifications about new job vacancies in different sectors. Once your profile has been filled out, you should not be asked again.

I can't book an appointment

Please contact Careers Network to request a careers advice appointment.

My graduate application was rejected

If your application is rejected, you will be informed of the reason why. The most common reasons for rejection are:

  • You have registered with your university email address, which will expire within a few weeks.
  • You are a current student and still have access using your student account, which gives you the same abilities as graduate registration, plus the ability to book appointments.
  • You have not given us enough information to identify your student record.
  • You are not a graduate of the University of Birmingham. Our services are not available to graduates of other universities, who will need to contact their own careers services instead.

If you are rejected because of your email address, you will be requested to re-register with a permanent address, and your application will then be approved. If we have been unable to find your student record, letting us know your student ID number is helpful.

Our guide to Careers Connect may also be useful to you.