Alumni Impact Fund for students - application form

  • Group/Team Contact Details
    Please leave this section blank if you are applying as an individual
  • Project Lead Details
    These should be the details of the lead contact(s) throughout your project. If you are applying as a group, please provide two contacts.
  • Project Lead #1
  • Project Lead #2
  • Staff Advocate Details
    If applying as an individual or group not affiliated to UBSport or the Guild of Students, please provide details of a staff advocate.
  • Name
  • Please tick this box to confirm the above member of staff has read the staff advocate information and agreed to support your project

As an applicant to the Alumni Impact Fund (for students) we will hold your data in order to confirm your participation and your eligibility for points towards The Birmingham Award. If you are a successful applicant to the Alumni Impact Fund (for students) your data will be recorded in order to maintain contact with you; sharing updates on the programme and to inform future communications with you, in accordance with our Alumni and Supporter Data Privacy Notice. If you have any questions please email the Alumni Office.