Global Alumni Gatherings 2024

Global Alumni Gatherings are back for 2024, with alumni meeting across the world to celebrate their connection with the University.

To commemorate the anniversary of the University receiving Royal Assent in 1900, Birmingham alumni worldwide host meet-ups during May to celebrate their connection with the University.

We're delighted to confirm a record breaking 50 Global Alumni Gatherings will be happening across the globe between April and June! See below for the full list.

 Africa     Asia       Australia
Thursday 25 April in Accra Saturday 27 April in New Mirpur City Friday 24 May in Sydney
Saturday 4 May in Nairobi Friday 3 May in Busan  
Friday 17 May in Lagos Saturday 11 May in New Delhi  
Saturday 18 May in Addis Ababa Sunday 12 May in Lahore  
Thursday 23 May in Johannesburg Thursday 16 May in Kuala Lumpur  
Friday 24 May in Cairo Friday 24 May in Hong Kong  
Saturday 25 May in Kampala Saturday 25 May in Taipei  
Saturday 25 May in Port Harcourt

Saturday 25 May in Beijing 


Sunday 26 May in Stellenbosch Saturday 25 May in Nanjing  
Saturday 22 June in Juba Saturday 25 May in Shanghai  
  Saturday 25 May in Dalian  
  Saturday 25 May in Sri Lanka  
  Saturday 25 May in Seoul  
  Sunday 2 June in Singapore  


 North America                                            Europe   
Thursday 2 May in New Orleans Thursday 23 May in Birmingham
Thursday 9 May in Mexico City Saturday 25 May in Munich
Tuesday 14 May in Halifax Saturday 25 May in Madrid
Tuesday 14 May in Toronto Saturday 25 May in Baku
Tuesday 14 May in Kingston Saturday 25 May in Berlin
Tuesday 14 May in Montreal Saturday 1 June in Stuttgart
Tuesday 14 May in Ottawa  Tuesday 18 June in London
Tuesday 14 May in Calgary  Saturday 20 July in Birmingham (Malaysian group)
Tuesday 14 May in Vancouver  
Tuesday 14 May in Hamilton  
Tuesday 21 May in New York  
Saturday 25 May in Laurel  
Saturday 25 May in Mexico City  
Sunday 26 May in Washington DC  
Thursday 30 May in Miami  
Saturday 1 June in San Diego  
Saturday 1 June in Berkeley