Birmingham Heroes - Harnessing the Immune System

In a reprisal of the fifth Birmingham Heroes lecture, Professor Gary Middleton of Medical Oncology at the School of Cancer Sciences gave us an insight into his research on harnessing the immune system to combat cancer at the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre, (CIIC)

Over 80 alumni, donors and friends attended the lecture which took place at the Medical School on the leafy University of Birmingham campus, and was hosted by Professor Malcolm Taylor, Director of the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Studies. Following the lecture, attendees had the opportunity to meet and speak with Professor Middleton at a drinks reception. 

With one of the greatest concentrations of scientists and doctors in the world, the University of Birmingham is at the cutting edge of immunotherapy, the treatment that uses a person’s own immune system to fight diseases. Professor Middleton discussed immunology being at the forefront of medical research, and the University’s place among the leaders of this exciting, fast-evolving field.

The CIIC's research into immunology has already shown promising results; a triumph that Professor Middleton and his team are looking forward to further developing.

This lecture was filmed on Monday 17 October 2016 and the video can be found below. We have also uploaded a pdf of the accompanying presentation.