Nominate a Game Changer to be a Birmingham 2022 Queen's Baton Relay Batonbearer

QBR-1440px-455px-homepage-bannerDo you know someone who has taken on a big issue and changed the game? You could nominate a University of Birmingham member of staff, student or graduate to be a Batonbearer for the Birmingham 2022 Queen's Baton Relay.

The Queen's Baton Relay is an epic journey across the Commonwealth, visiting all 72 nations and territories. The Baton contains a message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Commonwealth, and is carried by thousands of Batonbearers during its journey.

The Baton will return to England in summer 2022, when 2,022 inspiring individuals will have the chance to take on the special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of carrying the Baton as it travels across England ahead of the Birmingham 2022 opening ceremony.

The University has 20 nominated places for staff, students and alumni to be a Batonbearer at various locations across England. Nominations are open to staff, students and graduates to nominate those based in England who have taken on a challenge or issue that has had a positive impact on the University or wider community.

Nominations are now closed.

Guidance for nominations

The following information provides details of how to nominate a colleague(s), a student(s) or a graduate to be a Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Batonbearer during June and July 2022.

The deadline to submit nominations is midnight, 14 February 2022. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.


  • All nominations and nominees must be a current student, member of staff or graduate of the University or a student at the UoB School
  • All staff and students are eligible to nominate and be nominated
  • Nominees must be UK based
  • The judging panel is not eligible to nominate or be nominated
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted


  • Details in attachments or web links will not be considered
  • Word limits must be adhered to


  • Nominations should be detailed and specific, providing examples of merit wherever possible, with strong facts and information to back up nominations
  • Judges will be focussing on the core message within each nomination and not the writing style or correct use of grammar
  • Remember, you need to grab the judges’ attention

Of note

  • The judges will hold all nominations in confidence. The Nominee will be provided with a copy of the text from your nomination. Your personal details will be removed before the nomination is shared with the Nominee. The text you provide may be edited (for presentational purposes only) and used in Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games related promotional material
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered
  • Nominations should be in your own words (do not copy and paste from someone else’s nomination)
  • Individuals should not solicit nominations from others
  • Duplicate nominations will be grouped and considered as one
  • All nominations will be subject to a shortlisting process and background checks
  • Batonbearers will have to agree to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee terms and conditions to participate as well as submitting to a security check
  • For further guidance in completing the nomination form, please contact DARO

Nomination award categories and criteria

Judges will base their decisions on the information provided in the nominations. Batonbearer places are for people, not roles, so judges are looking for evidence of excellent performers, whose approach and impact go beyond normal expectations for their roles. Nominations are limited to the word count provided and judges will not see words over the limit; please use your word allocation to bring the nominee's contribution alive for the judges. Concrete examples and clear evidence of what has been done and how it has made a positive impact are especially useful.


  1. How will Batonbearers be selected?
    Nominations will be shortlisted by a panel of senior members of staff across the University and representatives from our student and alumni community. The final 20 will be selected and put forward to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee for a security background check.
  2. When does the Queen's Baton Relay travel through England?
    The Queen's Baton Relay will travel through England for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations from 2-5 June 2022 before travelling through Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, returning between 4-28 July 2022. It will visit cities, towns and communities across England for 25 days.
  3. What if I live outside England?
    Batonbearers must be a UK citizen or have permission to reside in the UK between 2 June – 28 July 2022. The Batonbearer opportunities with the University will all take place in locations in England.
  4. Are there any costs associated with taking part?
    Batonbearers will be responsible for their own transportation to and from their designated Collection Point on the date and time assigned. The University of Birmingham will cover all reasonable travel costs and expenses for staff, students and alumni according to our expenses policy.
    The Queen's Baton Relay team will provide Batonbearers with a uniform, consisting of t-shirt and trousers. Batonbearers will be asked to provide their own footwear, e.g. trainers.
  5. Can Batonbearers choose which part of the QBR they run in?
    Batonbearer positions will be spread evenly throughout the England Relay and every effort will be made to slot the Batonbearer to the segment closest to their home address. Batonbearers cannot choose the segment they run in.
  6. Can a Batonbearer move their segment or location to another day or town?
    With a total of more than 2,000 Batonbearers to be allocated, opportunities to swap days and times will be very limited due to the knock-on impact on others, meaning changes will only be made in exceptional circumstances.
  7. What happens if a nominated Batonbearer does not pass the Commonwealth Games background check?
    We will not be able to share any information on why an individual has failed a security background check.
  8. How will Batonbearers know where to go and what to do for their segment of the Relay?
    Batonbearers will be sent detailed information on the exact location where they will carry the Baton, where their Collection Point is, what to wear and what to bring. This information will be provided by post approximately four weeks before the Batonbearer's assigned Relay segment.
    On the day, members of the Relay team will meet Batonbearers at the designated Collection Point. They will be provided with instructions, given a demonstration on how to carry the Baton and told what to do in case of any problems.
  9. What if the Batonbearer has accessibility requirements?
    Batonbearers will have the opportunity to advise organisers of any accessibility requirements in advance of the Relay.
  10. Does a Batonbearer have to run for their entire allocated distance?
    No - it is not necessary to run for the Relay segment. Batonbearers will be asked in advance to estimate the time it will take them to complete their segment, and are encouraged to progress at their own pace. They will be permitted to walk or rest briefly if necessary.
  11. What are the rules on the Batonbearer uniform?
    Batonbearers receive a uniform, consisting of t-shirt and trousers. This will be sent by post approximately four weeks before their allocated Relay segment. Batonbearers will be asked to provide their own footwear, e.g. trainers, and white socks. Except for shoes, no visible company logos or brand names can be worn (e.g. sweatbands, hats, etc.).
  12. How will I get to my Batonbearer segment?
    Batonbearers are responsible for their own transportation to and from their designated Collection Point on the date and time assigned. The Relay team will provide transport from the Collection Point to the Relay segment, and collect you afterwards to return you back to your Collection Point by a shuttle bus.
  13. Do Batonbearers get a memento or certificate in recognition of their participation?
    Batonbearers will retain their official uniform and also receive a certificate, after the completion of the Queen's Baton Relay.
  14. Will the Relay be impacted by COVID-19?
    Planning the Relay during a global pandemic has presented challenges, but the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games have put in place measures to enable the tradition to continue in a safe and successful way. Any activities that take place during the Relay will adhere to local restrictions and the situation will be closely monitored, with changes being implemented if required.
  15. Can I also submit a nomination via the public poll?
    The University has 20 spaces within the Queen's Baton Relay in England reserved for staff, students, and alumni. A nomination via the form on this page is to nominate an individual for one of these 20 spaces. The public nomination process is open from 11 January to 14 February and you can submit nominations at the official Commonwealth Games website.

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