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Only one in six students at UK universities come from the most deprived areas of the country. And with more young people than ever before, desperately worried about whether they can afford to come to university, many talented students might miss the chance of a life-changing education.

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You can help change that with a gift to support a Pathways to Birmingham Scholarship and give a bright student an opportunity to take up their place at the University of Birmingham.

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A scholarship can make a profound difference to a student, helping them to thrive and seize the opportunities that Birmingham has to offer. Your support today will help ensure that a student doesn’t miss out on all that it is gained by going to university.

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'My scholarship has given me the kickstart to the life I've started to build for myself now - through the things I've learnt, the places I've explored and the person I've developed into.

Saba, Third year Business Management with Year in Industry student and Undergraduate of the Year 2023


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'I'm from an area where people didn't go to university. I wanted to be the best I can be, but I was so worried about the cost. A scholarship can make a huge difference to students like me.'

Jamie, Second year Politics and International Relations Student


Those young people will be the doctors and nurses, policymakers and climatologists of the future. They’ll be the next generation of teachers, engineers, computer scientists and diplomats. They’ll inspire their communities and help address the challenges of our times.

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Since 2007, thanks to the generosity of our alumni community, 7,415 scholarships have been awarded, giving thousands of talented students from less represented backgrounds the chance of a life-changing education.A group of University of Birmingham graduates throwing their graduation caps in the air

By helping to fund a scholarship today, you’ll give financial support to a student with the ability and desire to go to university who otherwise may not have the opportunity to study here.

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