David Wright Scholarship Pathway in Music

A new donor-funded pathway for students from low income backgrounds to study Music at Birmingham.

orchestra in Bramall Music Building on University of Birmingham campus

The David Wright Pathway aims to inspire more young people to follow their dreams and study for a degree in Music at the University of Birmingham. Funding is aimed at students from less advantaged backgrounds to continue their music education to degree level (and potentially further), without financial constraints preventing them from doing so. There will be two awards available of £5,000 each per academic year from 2023/24 onwards.

David Wright studied music at the University of Birmingham in the 1950s. He was very generous with his skills and mentored musicians throughout his life; many got in touch with his family after he passed away. He was an accomplished musician and returned to Birmingham to study his Masters degree. David was formerly the Chief Examiner of Trinity College of Music and Fellow of the Royal Society of Musicians.

David’s family are funding awards in his name to enable more young people to be able to study music, even if they don’t have the background traditionally associated with a music degree.

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