Stories from arts and humanities graduates

An ongoing project inviting alumni to champion the inherent value of arts and humanities disciplines across the public, private, and third sectors.

Recently, alumni in History, Languages, Drama, English, Theology, Philosophy, and Music have given their time to tell their graduate stories.

As you might be aware, the arts and humanities are facing a challenge in the UK in terms of declining home student numbers, despite employers acknowledging the value of these disciplines.

To help us celebrate the worth of these degrees, we invited alumni working in the public, private and third sectors to share their experiences at Birmingham, their subsequent journeys, and their reflections on how the skills they developed studying these disciplines have made a tangible difference to their careers.

Our graduates’ stories will be used to illustrate the value of these disciplines personally and professionally, encouraging future generations of students to explore these disciplines.

A massive thank you to all the alumni who gave their time for these films. If you are an arts and humanities graduate, and you would be interested in sharing your journey, please contact David Evans-Powell, (Alumni Engagement Manager for the College of Arts and Law).