Sir Norman Haworth

Sir (Walter) Norman Haworth 1883–1950
Awarded (jointly) the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1937

  • British chemist
  • Mason Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham 1925–1948; also Dean of the Faculty of Science and acting Vice-Principal 1947–1948
  • Knighted for his work in 1947

Known for his investigations into carbohydrates and vitamin C, Haworth –

  • Defined the basic features of starch, cellulose, glycogen, inulin and xylan molecules
  • Helped towards solving problems with bacterial polysaccharides

In his retirement, he served on many boards and committees and represented the Royal Society at the Seventh Pacific Science Congress in New Zealand. He wrote numerous scientific papers and contributed to Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, as well as writing his own book The Constitution of Sugars.

He held the post of President of the Chemical Society, and Fellow, and Vice-President of the Royal Society. He was also a Longstaff Medallist (Chemical Society), Davy Medallist (Royal Society) and Royal Medallist.

The School of Chemistry has a replica of the medal, which alumni can see when visiting the School.