Study UK Award Winners

The British Council Study UK Alumni Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of alumni and showcase the impact and value of a UK higher education. Award winners and finalists are leaders in their fields who have used their experience of studying at a UK university to make a positive contribution to their communities, professions and countries. 

2021-22 Study UK Awards

We're delighted to share that two University of Birmingham alumni have been named as finalists in this year's British Council Study UK Alumni Awards.

Noorie Karimbocus (MSc Biochemistry, 2012)
Business and Innovation Award, Mauritius

After graduating from Birmingham Noorie Karimbocus (MSc Biochemistry, 2012) went on to study a PhD in human stem cell biology at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Germany, before joining the African Leadership University as a faculty member. She is now a 'Data Whisperer' for an innovation consulting firm called Red Dot in Mauritius, turning advanced data science into practical solutions for local people.

Ayten AbdelHalim (MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting, 2010)
Business and Innovation Award, Egypt

Ayten Abdel Halim (MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting, 2010), with 12 years of experience in the field, is now Marketing Director of LOGIC Consulting.

Congratulations also to Murya Habbash (MSc Accounting and Finance, 2006) and Burak Yazar (MSc International Development, 2016)

The award categories

  • Science and Sustainability Award - recognising alumni who have distinguished themselves through their career and achievements in the world of science and sustainability, and who can demonstrate the impact and scale of their achievements in their profession, and beyond
  • Culture and Creativity Award - recognising alumni who have carved a career for themselves in arts and culture. We are looking for individuals who can demonstrate their artistic ingenuity, influence and creativity
  • Social Action Award - recognising alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others
  • Business and Innovation Award - recognising alumni who are active in initiating and contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities, that have the potential for growth

University of Birmingham Award Winners

Aggeliki Pappa
MEd Inclusion and Special Educational Needs 2010
2018 Social Impact Award winner for Greece and Europe

Aggeliki is the Founder and CEO of ‘I love dyslexia’ (ILD), the first highly specialised organisation globally for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to students with dyslexia and learning differences holistically. She is also President of the non-profit organisation 3DlexiaCosmos, which connects thousands of students and teachers globally with the #SOS4LoveProject, cultivating education for sustainable development, presented at the United Nations and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus. Aggeliki has been a life-long volunteer, training thousands of educators in Greek state schools and globally, making a difference in the field of EFL and dyslexia, building a powerful stigma-free voice in foreign language teaching, while supporting refugees’ education.

Aggeliki’s studies in the UK were instrumental in the development of her educational 3DlexiaParadigm and life skills that led to her innovations. Aggeliki’s vision for a sustainable world is guiding the expansion of her innovative educational and humanitarian actions to support millions of students and teachers globally. Aggeliki holds a Master of Education in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs from the University of Birmingham.

Dr Abdallah Adlan
PhD Biomedical Ethics 2015
2018 Entrepreneurial Award winner for Saudi Arabia

Dr Abdallah Adlan is the Head of the Bioethics division in the King Abdullah International Medical Research Centre (KAIMRC). Dr Abdallah received his first PhD in 2006 and after co-founding KAIMRC, from a simple idea to a 500 million riyal project with 1,000 employees in three regions, he went on to ambitiously try to achieve his second PhD in his late 30s after seeing a gap in the knowledge of Bioethics in Saudi Arabia.  

During his studies in the UK, Dr Abdallah mentored younger Saudi students, discovered that there is no limitation for age when it comes to study abroad, and sought to increase the knowledge base in the UK Saudi community, often hosting talks and seminars all over the country for fellow students. Dr Abdallah felt supported and was given the right foundations to build both on his own self-confidence and to unlock his potential as an exceptional scholar.

The first Saudi with a PhD in Bioethics, Dr Abdallah implemented change back in his home country, from driving change in the areas of children and animal research, through to developing and increasing knowledge of bioethics, and also changing research policies. He also became a full voting member of the Saudi National Committee.

Ali Ercan Özgür
MSc Governance and Development Management 2005
2020 Social Impact Award winner for Turkey

Ali Ercan Özgür is the founder and Managing – Director of IDEMA International Development Partners and NeedsMap. Before his entrepreneurship for social development he worked as the Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Turkey. He’s co-founder of INOGAR, a new generation incubation centre. He’s volunteered for Youth for Habitat and been a member of national and international committees on sustainable development. He’s the founder of social movements: and

Congratulations also to our recent finalists

Ashmita Arvindhan (MSc Biochemical Engineering 2012) 2020 finalist of the Entrepreneurial Award in India
Dr. Israa Hakeem (PhD Biosciences 2019) 2020 finalist of Social Impact Award in Saudi Arabia
Sarunnaphat Wattanasiritham (PG Dip Financial Engineering 2014) 2020 finalist of Social impact Award in Thailand
Narmin Shahbazova 2020 finalist of Social impact Award in Azerbaijan