Support the research, education and start-ups that power world-changing invention

The innovation that can improve lives and protect our world 

Society drives technological change, while innovative new technology in turn shapes society. 

Young woman in hard hat surveying wind turbinesAt the University of Birmingham our researchers are using innovation and cutting-edge technology to address some of our biggest challenges, from using synthetic DNA to fight infectious diseases, to using hydrogen to as an alternative fuel to decarbonise air travel - leaving only water as a by-product. And we are exploring how technology can meet real social needs and concerns across our communities, looking at the social benefits and implications.  

You can also help the next generation of inventors and innovators get started. The EPS Futures scholarship enables students with a passion for engineering or physics to study a foundation year at University, and the start-up scholarship helps students with a brilliant invention or business idea bring it to life. 

What you can do

Whether your passion lies in research or scholarships, here are two examples of how you can get involved. 

Create clean energy

Located in East Birmingham, Tyseley Energy Park (TEP) is working with the University of Birmingham and partners from across the region to help shape infrastructure for renewable heat and power, energy storage, clean transport fuels in combination with advanced waste processing.

The University of Birmingham, TEP and the wider development partners are collaborating on research and development projects that include:

  • Large-scale electric vehicle charging
  • Heat decarbonisation for homes, that also alleviates fuel poverty
  • Converting waste from wood products into green energy

You could support one of the latest projects or the young innovators making vital breakthroughs.

Support future engineers and entrepreneurs

For students or recent graduates with a brilliant business idea, a Start-Up Scholarship can help them bring it to life; providing funding for 12 months and putting them in touch with expert alumni for advice. The goal is to enable initial traction for an idea or to grow an early-stage business by the end of the scholarship. Business ideas range from mental health support at work via an app, to creating a non-toxic glue that will enable more products built with wood to be recycled. 

How you can support research and scholarships

  • £15,000 could fund a Start-Up Scholarship 
  • £20,000 could fund an EPS Futures foundation year to help a young person with a passion for STEM become an expert. 

To start a conversation about how you could fund a scholarship, or to find out more about the latest breakthroughs, just get in touch.

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