You can help make sure no student with potential is held back by their circumstances

I care about: Everyone getting an education

Only one in six pupils who need free school meals go on to university (Source: UCAS). So many young people who have the potential and desire to succeed at university are held back by a web of circumstances, from finances and responsibilities at home, to lack of confidence and role models.

Bright-Minds-in-BirminghamYou can help make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, including:

  • Taster summer schools for young people not sure if they are 'good enough' for university
  • A place to live between academic terms for students with nowhere else to go
  • Scholarships for young carers who need to take care of a loved one
  • Support for more people to study science/engineering and solve global challenges
  • Mentoring and internships to provide advice or work experience for students without networks
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