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I want to make a big difference through an individual gift: What could I do?

Whether you have a personal connection from having studied here, or you’ve been impressed by specific researchers or a scholarships project, you can make a direct difference.

As a charity, the University of Birmingham is where you can help research into cancer, the environment, mental health or migration, or give young people facing a range of challenges the opportunity to build a better future through education. Your generosity could help young people come to University, help create the next generation of professors by funding PhD studentships, buy key lab equipment or fund a specific piece of research, so that we can save more lives and solve more problems, more quickly and better.

There are so many ways individuals have funded life-changing, world-changing projects to date:

  • Robert Spier is funding two PhD students who are making key discoveries in cancer, in memory of his wife Jean
  • Michael Rawlinson, Tony Edwards, Nigel Evans and others are supporting a Start Up Scholarship to help students and recent graduates get their business ideas off the ground
  • Neil Murphy, Simon Evans and others are funding the Bladder Cancer Research Centre, which aims to directly impact bladder cancer patients and patient pathways through the right treatments at the right time, new drugs and new surgical approaches, faster diagnosis and more
  • Andrew Fisher is supporting research into personal finance and economic policy/practice

We would love to meet with you on a video call or in person to chat through your interests and match them with a donation to what really matters to you. Get in touch to start a conversation

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The University is an exempt charity under Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011 (Inland Revenue charities number: X7237).  See our privacy policy

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