IAS has a range of funding opportunities designed to support and develop colleagues’ cross-disciplinary research ideas, longer term projects and collaborations with world-leading academics. If you are interested in making proposals, or have any questions, please visit our website for more information. All our activities are organised and supported by the IAS team.

IAS Workshops Enabling the development of new ideas; bringing together expertise from across the breadth of our University.
Distinguished Visiting Fellows: Bespoke fellowships, attracting world-class academics to Birmingham.
Vanguard Fellowships: Developing research collaborations by hosting a cohort of early-career rising stars.
Research Investment Scheme: For further development of ideas following an IAS workshop or visiting fellowship.

On campus in October
Valerie Hansen

Technische Universiteit Munchen Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS)
TUM-IAS invites applications for Fellowships in the following categories:
  • Anna Boyksen Fellowships: outstanding scientists who intend to explore gender- and diversity-relevant themes;
  • Hans Fischer Fellowships for outstanding early-career scientists;
  • Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships for renowned international scientists;
  • Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellowships for highly qualified researchers from industry
More information on the individual Fellowship programs can be found on the Institute’s website.
Deadline: 24 October 2018.
Upcoming Workshops and Events
Silk road
16 October

Globalisation in the Year 1000 and Lessons for the Present

Workshop leaders: Prof Naomi Standen, History and Cultures, and Prof Valerie Hansen, IAS DVF, Yale University

We live in an age of globalisation and global challenges, with a lack of deep historical perspective. This workshop will discuss the diversity of responses to historic issues and how the range of choices available in the past may help to expand the options available in the present day.
17 October, 16:15 – 18:00

The World in the Year 1000: When Globalization Began

Speaker: Prof Valerie Hansen, IAS DVF, Yale University

When did globalization first get under way? Most historians believe the globalization process began in 1492, when Columbus travelled the ocean blue. However, Prof Valerie Hansen will argue that 1000AD was the real beginning; discussing the Silk Road, Leif Erikson, sub-Saharan Africa, China, and the Indian Ocean. All staff and students are welcome to attend.
24 October

Network Medicine

Workshop leaders: Dr Shan He, Computer Science, and Dr Nic Geard, IAS Vanguard Fellow, University of Melbourne

Network medicine is an emerging field that uses complex networks and graphs to tackle important biomedical problems such as controlling infectious disease transmission. Despite its early promise, this young field has problems to be addressed before it can fully realise its potential. The aim of this workshop is to bring experts from diverse research fields to foster new ideas in this area.
Greg Salter
8 November

Representing Home: Art, Visual Culture, and the Interdisciplinary Study of Home

Workshop Leader: Dr Greg Salter, School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

As debates around home continue to feel distinctly vital, this workshop will bring together researchers working on questions of home across a range of disciplines to explore and exchange ideas on how art and visual culture might be a focus for interdisciplinary work in this area.
20 November

Children’s Engagement with Digital Technologies: Implications for Health and Wellbeing

Workshop Leaders: Prof Peter Kraftl and Prof Julie Taylor and Dr Victoria Goodyear

This Children and Childhoods Network (CCN) workshop will explore intersections between two of CCN’s major research themes – technology, and health and wellbeing – with the aim of better understanding how to make the best of the university’s research strengths to address these clear global challenges.
5 December, 13:00 – 14:00

Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Development: Law and Governance Innovations for Integrated Decision-Making

Speaker: Dr Damilola Olawuyi, IAS Vanguard Fellow, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Without water, we cannot produce food and energy; and without energy, we cannot process or distribute food and water. This seminar presents on-going research on law and governance innovations for advancing integrated decision-making on WEF issues in Qatar and the Middle East. All are welcome to this IAS lunchtime seminar.
5 December, 16:00 – 18:00

Short-term rentals and the housing market: Quasi-experimental evidence from Airbnb in Los Angeles

Speaker Dr Hans Koster, IAS Vanguard Fellow, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Online short-term housing rental platforms such as Airbnb have grown spectacularly in recent years, leading some cities to severely restrict short-term rentals, while others nearby have not. This lecture will examine how this affected house prices, listings, and availability. All staff and students are welcome to attend.
13 December, 12:30 – 14:00

Robotics-enabled Sustainable Manufacturing

Speaker: Dr Wenjun Xu, IAS Vanguard Fellow, Wuhan University of Technology

Sustainable manufacturing is a novel manufacturing model for balanced development. This lecture will cover exciting developments in this crucial field such as in industrial cloud robotics, energy-efficient robotised manufacturing, and human-robot collaboration in disassembly. All staff and students are welcome to attend.

Humour and Resilience in the Face of (everyday) Global Challenges

Workshop Leader: Dr Laura Martin, History and Cultures, and Dr Stephen Forcer, Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

Humour is universal; it has been fundamental to some of the greatest feats of human creativity and experience, from major works of culture to survival in concentration camps. This IAS workshop will discuss: How is humour understood and engaged with in different areas of study? How can humour be used to resist or alleviate live real-world problems?
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