General UoBD guidance

You could be a postgraduate student already living in the city of Dubai or an undergraduate student moving away for the first time. Wherever you are in your student journey, you will be an integral part of our Birmingham community.

Purpose-built student accommodation in Dubai typically offers amenities such as gyms and social spaces and are often inclusive of Wi-Fi and utility costs. We work with recommended accommodation providers located in Dubai International Academic City, all within a short distance of the University.

Shuttle transport services will be provided at key times between our campus and our recommended accommodation providers.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Dubai will depend upon your lifestyle choice, but it is possible to live economically if you shop wisely and budget carefully. Basic products and services are reasonably priced and there are regular sales and promotions on consumer goods. When coming to Dubai you will need to consider costs such as visas, accommodation and transport.

The cost of accommodation can vary significantly. Most accommodation providers will require you to pay a deposit of rent in advance, meaning that as well as having a monthly budget for accommodation costs, you will need access to additional funds initially to secure your tenancy.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our frequently asked questions for accurate and detailed information for prospective students, covering application process, admission requirements, and other key aspects for entry at our Dubai campus.