Degree Congregations

University of Birmingham Degree Congregations typically are held every July and November at our Dubai Campus.

The dates of our Degree Congregations can be found on our term dates page.

It is important to remember that communications about your graduation and related activities do not confirm successful completion of your degree and should not be taken as proof that you are, or will be, eligible to graduate. Only students meeting the terms of a Degree of the University as listed under Ordinance 4.1.1 will be eligible to actually attend the graduations.

You will be able to access your official progress and examination results online through the 'Exam marks and progress decisions – end of year marks' link in the 'Exams and Assessments' column of the Student Gateway.

woman holding mace in graduation robes and hat

Some students will receive the email inviting them to attend but will not be eligible to graduate by the time of the ceremony (if, for example, you have not yet submitted your dissertation, you have not paid all of your tuition fees, or you are resitting any examinations).

Typically, invitations to eligible students go out few months prior each occurrence, with a request to confirm intention to attend. All communications and information about the event are shared on a dedicated Canvas page that is specifically containing the upcoming ceremony information. Each eligible student will be added to this page early on so that they can familiarise themselves with the information it contains.

Specifically, students will get information about ordering their academic dress as well as booking photography appointments from the Canvas page as it will list all the specifics for the ceremony they have been attached to (timings, locations, etc). Contents will be continuously added to the relevant Canvas page to update Graduands.

Students will also be requested to share any accessibility or wellbeing requirements for self and guests well in advance so that we can support them on this very important day.

Each graduand is allocated their own ticket to the ceremony plus two guest tickets, which will grant access to the Degree Congregation on the day. There is no charge for tickets.

The information provided on this page is subject to change. Up to date information relating to a specific ceremony will be shared directly with the Graduands via the Canvas page. Whilst the communications will use the official email address, it is also critical that students ensure their contact details are up to date.

people sat down during degree congregation