Life Echo Workshop

European Research Institute Seminar Room G53 (G3 on campus map)
Friday 18 March 2016 (10:30-16:00)
Justin Wiggan

The world’s first phonic memory harvest class

What’s the soundtrack to your life? The first song you bought? Your wedding dance?

What about the everyday sounds that score your memories? The hum of the radio, the tap of a wooden spoon against an enamel bowl, or the sound of spokey dokeys as they slide up and down the wheels of your childhood bike?

Join sound artist Justin Wiggan for a special workshop as part of ongoing project Life Echo, an art based enquiry into sound and memory. Participants will be led through a series of activities designed to trigger and structure their own phonic memory content. The resulting sounds will form part of a ‘Phonic Memory Garden’ proposed for 2017, a public space in which visitors can listen to each other’s audio memories. For more information, visit the project website.

The workshop will run four times throughout the day - 10.30, 12.00, 13.30, and 15.00. Each workshop will last approximately one hour. Admission free, booking essential. Book to reserve your place.

Venue: European Research Institute, Seminar Room G53 (G3 on campus map)                         

Presented by Justin Wiggan in partnership with Cultural Engagement as part of Arts & Science Festival 2016, a week-long celebration of ideas, research and collaboration across campus.