UoB-UNESP Future of Manufacturing Webinar Series

Friday 31 July 2020 (14:00-15:00)

For more information please contact Richard Brunt International Partnerships Officer, Birmingham Global

Competencies and Skills for Industry 4.0 Preparedness


The diffusion of a new set of digital and advanced information technologies into industrial systems and workplaces has raised the prospect of a widespread and profound transformation of innovation and production systems. New technologies are expected to transform the production and distribution of goods and services and to have far-reaching consequences for productivity, skills, the environment, income distribution and social well-being. These new manufacturing technologies are embedded in multiple social systems of innovation and production, including team and work systems within firms, global and local supply and value chains, as well as national and local systems of innovation and production. 

These issues will be discussed in the first of a series of webinars jointly organised by the University of Birmingham-UNESP Social Systems for Future Manufacturing Research Group.


Prof Jorge Muniz Jr, Associate Professor, Universidade Estadual Paulista

Jorge Muniz holds a doctorate in Operations Management from (UNESP) awarded by the Brazilian Production Engineering Association (ABEPRO), and is currently acting as coordinator of the Executive Master programme in Production Engineering at UNESP. He is currently Associate Editor of the Journal ‘Production, - the journal of the Brazilian Production Engineering Association. A former production engineer at the Ford Motor Company in Brazil, Jorge has experience in integrating lean thinking and quality systems. His current research connects the fourth industrial revolution and knowledge management in complex production environments.

Marco Tullio Ribeiro Ricci: Innovation and Digital Transformation Regional Manager at Iochpe Maxion S/A

He started his career as a product development technician at VW, at Maxion Structural Components (MSC) he was initially the responsible engineer for the process development of Nissan Frontier and X-Terra side-members assembly and welding line moving up to process development projects for Ford, Daimler, MAN, Scania, Iveco and others. He was a resident engineer in the US during GMI700 chassis frame prototype build phase and has developed the series production assembly line in Brazil. In 2015 he became in charge of the Development Engineering Team, Prototype Team, Industrial Engineering Team and Information (procedures documentation). Since 2019 he is in charge of Innovation and Digital Transformation in Maxion Structural Components Division, this department was created at the same time to structure the way MSC generates value providing value to its current and future customers of the automotive sector, from ideation to the go to market strategy.


Dr Daniel Wintersberger, Department of Management, University of Birmingham