The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Sudha Sundar

Leonard Deacon Lecture theatre, 1st Floor, Medical School (B1), Online - Registration via Zoom
Wednesday 5 April 2023 (16:30-17:30)

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Professor Sudha Sundar

You are invited to attend the inaugural lecture of Professor Sudha Sundar, from the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, entitled: 'Improving ovarian cancer diagnosis and surgery: aka the story of a highly unlikely academic'. 

This is a hybrid event, which may be attended either in person or via the Zoom livestream. Please indicate in the registration form above how you will be attending the lecture. Those attending via the livestream will also need to register via Zoom to receive access to the livestream link.

"1 in 4 women with Ovarian cancer in England do not receive any anticancer treatment and only 1 in 2 with Stages 2-4 cancer will receive standard treatment. My research has focussed on improving those odds for women with ovarian cancer - how we can improve early diagnosis, how we can operate better and how we can do this equitably. In early diagnosis, my research spans all the way from discovering new tests for cancer right through to how we can actually change NHS and GP practice by implementing different tests. In surgery, my research has changed NICE guidance to support better and more complex surgery so that all visible cancer can be removed at operation and patients can live longer with good quality of life.

 At a personal level, I consider myself a highly unlikely academic - my academic journey has been shaped as much by external circumstance as much by design. What is it like to be an academic from an ethnic minority background, a foreign medical graduate, a female NHS gynae cancer surgeon, and a parent? To establish a research program from scratch whilst working distant from the academic hub? Join me in this inaugural to find out!"

Invitation to the Inaugural Lecture of Professor Sudha Sundar