Howard Carter's briefcase (Years 7-9)

University of Birmingham
Wednesday 22 February 2023 (13:00-15:00)

This masterclass has been cancelled.

Class capacity: 12

Year group: 7-9

Subject(s): Egyptology

Attendee requirements: None

About: This masterclass is participant-led with the attendees taking turns to choose a prop or replica from the briefcase of Howard Carter, excavator of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Each object is discussed by the group and used to highlight another aspect of the discovery. Topics include the prevalence of the curse within the media, Carter's early career, and other key players in the discovery of the tomb. There will also be discussion about the lack of evidence for the Egyptian team working at the site and the implications of this.

Additional information: School bookings only. Schools will be limited to 4 places for this class.

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