AI FUTURES: AI and Democracy

The Exchange: 3 Centenary Square Birmingham B1 2DR
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Free, booking recommended
Tuesday 23 April 2024 (18:30-20:00)
Artistic depiction of multiple people looking down at their phones with abstract lines connecting them
Jamillah Knowles & Reset.Tech Australia / Better Images of AI / Social media content / CC-BY 4.0

In 2024, more than 50 countries worldwide are heading to the polls, including the UK, with local elections in May and a general election to follow. A significant focus of political discourse is expected to be the adoption and regulation of AI across society including business, health and education.

Access to reliable information is essential for citizens to make informed decisions, yet AI has the potential to influence political communication, giving rise to issues like fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles. AI can also shape public participation, affecting voting behaviours, turnout and activism.

To explore these crucial connections, Dr. Adam Matthews, Senior Research Fellow in the School of Education, is joined by two incredible guests:

  • Kate Knowles is Editor of The Dispatch, a fresh take on local journalism in the West Midlands that is committed to in-depth and thoughtful reporting.
  • Gemma Milne is a PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh and author of Smoke & Mirrors: How Hype Obscures the Future and How to See Past It.

Led by Dr. Adam Matthews, Senior Research Fellow in the School of Education, our AI FUTURES programme features a series of events exploring the interplay between artificial intelligence and democracy. These sessions ask how publics can understand potential futures of AI and identify who might be involved in this process.