Case Study: Africanize

The Exchange: 3 Centenary Square Birmingham B1 2DR
Event cost
Free, drop-in
Tuesday 30 April (08:30) - Friday 1 November 2024 (16:30)
Graphic with bright coloured lines creating patterns on a black background

Africanize challenges the colonial-collector mindset. It is a project that addresses the lasting effects of historical power imbalances using museum objects and art as catalysts for meaningful conversation.

This is a community-driven project exploring the University of Birmingham’s African Collection, mainly collected during the 20th century from what we now recognize as Nigeria and Ghana.  This new display introduces the project and responses to the collection by artist-in-residence, Sipho Eric Ndlovu.

Africanize is delivered in collaboration with We Don’t Settle (WDS). Stay connected with WDS for opportunities to get involved and updates on artist-in-residence Sipho Eric Ndlovu's digital creations inspired by the collections and his research journey.