Ri Christmas Lecture: The Truth About AI (livestream)

Banking Hall: The Exchange 3 Centenary Sq Birmingham B1 2DR
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Tuesday 12 December 2023 (18:00-20:00)
Ri Christmas Lecture
Professor Mike Wooldridge

The University of Birmingham is delighted to announce we are one of the livestream venues for this year’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES from the Royal Institution.

Running for almost 200 years, the CHRISTMAS LECTURES were started by Michael Faraday to inspire and engage young people with science, and this year Professor Mike Wooldridge will be exploring the truth behind Artificial Intelligence (AI), the most rapidly evolving field of science.

AI has increasingly grabbed the headlines in recent years – generating excitement and concern in equal measure – but what should we believe? In these lectures Mike will reveal how AI works and how it will affect our lives – and will tackle head-on our hopes and fears for this most fascinating of fields.

At The Exchange we'll livestream the first of the three CHRISTMAS LECTURES, where Mike will demonstrate the contrast between how a machine learns and how a human learns. Could machines ever match human intelligence?

During the event there will be the opportunity to meet University of Birmingham Researchers from the Extreme Robotics Lab who will introduce some of the projects they are currently working on.  

Across the series Mike will be joined by some major figures from the AI world, including scientists from the world’s leading AI companies. He will also introduce a range of robot friends, who will demonstrate what robots today can do – and what they can’t.

The future of AI is going to be quite a journey, and the 2023 CHRISTMAS LECTURES to be broadcast on BBC Four and iPlayer in late December, will give us a guided tour.


Please note: There'll be breaks during the event and we'll have hands-on activities for all to enjoy. Our cafe will remain open throughout the evening too.

The Royal Institution CHRISTMAS LECTURES recordings take place across three evenings (12th, 14th and 16th December). The Exchange will livestream the first of the three lectures. Professor Mike Woolridge will not be appearing at The Exchange in person.