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Dr Jinglei YuJinglei Yu
Experimental Officer in Advanced Mass Spectrometry

Dr Yu has more than 15 years experience in wide variety of mass spectrometry analysis of biomedical, sport metabolism and proteomic research. Her expertise covering isotope ration MS, protein identifications, post translation modifications and quantitative proteomics such as SILAC and TMT.


Dr Aneika C. Leney

Dr Leney has extensive international experience in biological mass spectrometry and proteomics. Her research interestsDr Aneika Leney focus on the use to mass spectrometry to monitor protein structure and function. Her expertise covering small molecule analysis, quantitative proteomics, and the analysis of proteins and non-covalent protein complexes using native mass spectrometry. Her research group focuses on protein post-translational modifications.



Professor Helen J. Cooper
Dr Helen CooperDirector of Advanced Mass Spectrometry Facility

Professor Cooper has over 20 years experience in the development and applications of mass spectrometry for biomolecular and chemical structural analysis. Her research interests focus on the developments of novel methods for in situ analysis of biomolecules by mass spectrometry.