Our facility is staffed by a team of experts with a combined experience in mass spectrometry of over 40 years. It has been at the forefront of supporting the research carried out in the School of Chemistry for nearly 30 years, including that of Professor Fraser Stoddart, the 2016 joint Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry.

Dr Louise Male, Facility Manager

Louise has managed the School of Chemistry Analytical Facility since 2015. Her background is in X-ray diffraction and she runs the School's single crystal X-ray diffraction service. She acts as the first point of contact for Mass Spectrometry for Chemistry Research.

Dr Christopher Williams, Senior Experimental Officer in Mass Spectrometry

Chris has worked in mass spectrometry since 2005, having completed a PhD in the design and development of Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry, at Swansea University. We were delighted to welcome Chris to Birmingham in September 2019 after he had spent 7 years as Facility Manager for the former EPSRC UK National Mass Spectrometry Facility.

Mrs Lianne Hill, Research Technician

Lianne joined the School of Chemistry in 1997 as an NVQ trainee. She runs the elemental (C, H, N, S) Microanalysis Service and has twenty years’ experience in Mass Spectrometry.