Engineering laboratory - Collaborative Teaching Laboratory (CTL)

The CTL Engineering lab is used on a timetabled basis only. They are mainly used by Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials students. The capacity of the lab is for 90 students for a lab session over two floors.

Student working in the CTL engineering lab

High quality teaching equipment

  • Modular structures offering flexible teaching from basic principles to more advanced theory such as shear force and bending moment in a beam, pin-jointed frameworks, study of vertical and horizontal deflection.
  • Theory of machines range that teaches the basics of machine engineering including experiments for balancing a rotating mass system, experiment studying centrifugal force, study of free and forced vibration of a rigid beam and simply supported beam.
  • Fluid mechanics range including equipment studying Bernoulli’s theorem, losses and flow in piping system with different pipes, fittings and valves and Francis and Pelton  turbines.
  • Thermodynamics experiments such as two stage compressor, heat source vapour turbine, renewable energy solar panel system, steam engine  and complete instrumented air conditioning unit.

CTL Engineering is located in building Y3 on the campus map (pdf).

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