Wet Laboratory - Collaborative Teaching Laboratory

Key features

  • Capacity 180 and the ability to teach 3 disciplines simultaneously.
  • 50 large fume cupboards, with an array of state-of-the-art analytical instruments (gas chromatographs, high pressure liquid Chromatographs, Atomic Absorption spectrometers, Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometers, Fluorescence and Raman spectrometers, benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance machines, Powder X-Ray Spectrometer).
  • Four x 1300 ºC furnaces for fabrication of advanced materials such as superconductors.
  • Services include – extraction, chilled water and common/specialist gases, all provided from a dedicated floor above.
  • Key users: Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/ Geography, Earth and Environmental Science.

360 view of the Wet Laboratory