Studio 4

Studio 4 is one of the five multichannel studios available for postgraduate students. It use a 5.1 speaker configuration.

The studio is based on an Apple Mac Xeon computer with a MOTU 896HD audio interface.

The main audio monitoring is provided by high-quality active Genelec 8030A speakers, and a Genelec subwoofer.

Bespoke acoustic treatment and design by Acoustic Dimensions, including room within room architecture, provides a quiet environment.

See also the software page.

Hardware includes:

  • Apple Mac Pro (Intel Xeon E5) computer
  • Apple Thunderbolt Display 27”
  • 2x 20" Apple TFT video displays
  • MOTU 896 audio interface
  • Genelec 8030A monitor speakers
  • Genelec 7050B sub-woofer
  • DACS multi-channel volume control
  • DAT recorder