Sanger sequencing

We currently provide three levels of sequencing service:- .

For those wishing to carry out small numbers their own sequencing reactions we provide a service on Tuesday and Friday of each week. These samples are pre-labeled and purified by the customer and are simply run on the 3730 dna analyser. The price for this is currently £1.00 per sample.

We also provide a full sequencing service where customers can provide us with samples of DNA and the appropriate primer. We perform the labelling reaction, carry out the cycle sequencing reaction and purify the samples. Finally the samples are run on the capillary sequencer ABI 3730 to produce read lengths up to 1000bp. £6.00 per sample.

We can run full 96 well plates of sequencing samples on any day of the week with a little prior warning.

A sequencing service customer  "Overall I would say that the Genomics Lab is probably the best sequencing service available currently within the UK and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, efficient, friendly and cost-effective service"

Data can be collected by the customer the next day from the data collection page.

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