PRISM Lab facilities

Our labs are in based in the Hill Building, School of Psychology. The building has been designed to provide a state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary research centre. We are housed in large open plan laboratory of some 65 sq-metres.

TMS Station - PRISM Predictive Sensory Motor LabThis contains the following major equipment:

  • General area
  • Image analysis workstations
  • Visuo-motor tracking station (computer based, with joystick or simple 1- or 2-D motion recording systems).
  • TMS station
    (Magstim 200 Rapid rTMS  with several different coils & head contraint).
  • Bimanual force controlled robot arm (Vbots from Wolpert lab, UCL )
  • Optotrak 3020 infra-red motion tracker
  • Polhemus Fastrak and Ascension Flock of Birds electromagnetic motion tracking
  • Eyetracking - ASL 501/504 head-mounted or remote high speed monocular systems, coupled with Ascension motion tracking systems for recording hand movement.
  • Skalar Iris infra-red reflectometry eyetracking (binocular 1-D high speed recording)
  • MR compatible Plato LCD goggles