Availability of books at the Shakespeare Institute Library

Inter-site loans

  • Library books from the main campus libraries in Edgbaston can be requested and sent to the Shakespeare Institute Library for you to borrow or use in the Shakespeare Institute Library as a reference book.
  • Library books from any of the main campus libraries can be returned to the Shakespeare Institute Library, and we will return them to the relevant library.
  •  Inter-site loans can be requested through FindIt@Bham for books from the Main Library. Please note that books at the Shakespeare Institute Library cannot be requested through FindIt, and an email will need to be sent to silib@contacts.bham.ac.uk to organise the inter-site loan.

Inter-library loans

University of Birmingham staff and students can request books and journal articles from other libraries, both in the UK and internationally, via our inter-library loans service.

Postal loans

Distance learners in particular may find the postal loans service useful. Loanable items from other UoB libraries (not from the Shakespeare Institute Library) can be sent to you via our postal loans service. Please note that there is a fee for using the postal loans service. The postal loans service is only available to University of Birmingham staff and students living in the UK.

Scanning service

Library Services provides a scanning service for articles and book chapters. This service applies to items on the open shelves in the Main Library and all site libraries (including the Shakespeare Institute Library). Please remember that copyright applies to any scans that you request and you must ensure you are not in breach of copyright. The scanning service is available to University of Birmingham staff and students only.

Purchasing books

If you have any suggestions for books to purchase for the library, please email us at silib@contacts.bham.ac.uk. Please note that any suggestions will be evaluated against our collecting policy and the advice of the Shakespeare Institute Library Representative.