Sponsor information form

  • You should only complete this form if you have a sponsor* that requires an invoice to be sent to them to pay all or part of your annual fee. Should you have more than one sponsor; a separate form will need to be completed for each.
  • By providing this information to the University of Birmingham you agree to information regarding your academic progress on your programme of study being disclosed to your stated sponsor where required or requested by the sponsor.
  • * A sponsor can be a company, a government department, an educational institution or an employer. The University does not recognise bank loans, family members or friends as sponsors. In such cases we consider you as self-funded. Please note: Please return this form before registering with the University. If you gain sponsorship after registering, please send details with supporting documentation to the Student Fees Section of the Finance Office immediately, email address: studentfees@bham.ac.uk. If your sponsor refuses to pay the amount of tuition fee specified, you will be responsible for the payment of your tuition fee in full.
  • Please complete the following
  • Your details
  • Sponsor details
  • Amount to be invoiced
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