Billericay Educational Trust

Level of study
Any Postgraduate, Any Undergraduate
Subject area
Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Social Sciences
Type of Award
Deadline for applying
Closed 01/06/2022 (Note: competition closed for this year)

Award Description

The Billericay Educational Trust awards scholarships, bursaries, maintenance allowances and grants to enable beneficiaries to travel either in the United Kingdom or abroad to pursue their education.

Value of Award


Eligibility Criteria

The fund is avialble to applicants in need of financial assistance, under the age 25 years, and residing within a six mile radius of Billericay (thereby including Stock, Ramsden Heath, Ramsden Bellhouse and Noak Bridge).

The Trustees can make awards for:

  • University or College Education.
  • Vocational Grants for help to enter a Trade or Profession.
  • Travel grants in furtherance of Education.
  • Recreational grants for recreation and social and physical training not provided by a Local Educational authority.
  • Cultural Grants to enable beneficiaries to study Music or other Arts.

How to Apply

The application form, along with the full details of the application process, can be found on the Billericay Educational Trust website.


NOTE: We are aware that the Billericay Educational Trust website has a closing date listed for 2020, however, we have contacted the Trust and they have confirmed that applications are open for this year (2022) and they are accepting applications using the same criteria and application form. They have let us know that they are in the process of updating the website to reflect the 2022 deadline.