The General Sir John Monash Foundation

Level of study
Doctoral research, Postgraduate research masters, Postgraduate taught masters
Subject area
Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Social Sciences
Type of Award
Deadline for applying
Closed 14/07/2021 (Note: competition closed for this year)

Award Description

John Monash Scholarships recognise excellence and leadership, and celebrate one of Australia’s finest leaders: General Sir John Monash. Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding Australian graduates to support them with post graduate study at the world’s best universities. Successful applicants have demonstrated excellence in their field, leadership potential, and a vision for how they can contribute to a better Australia. The John Monash Scholarships are not limited by age, gender, academic field of study or choice of overseas university. While no upper age limit is stipulated, scholarships will be made to those whose major contribution to their field and to the community lies ahead of them.

For the applicants who receive a John Monash Scholarship each year, the benefits are immediate and enduring. John Monash scholars immediately achieve national and local recognition through the publicity offered to the Awards. The scholars are then funded for up to three years of study at a leading institution in another country, achieving a qualification that equips them for a greater role. Over the longer term, the scholars are part of a growing community of outstanding young Australian leaders aspiring to preserve and enhance our nation.

Value of Award

Between 15 and 20 postgraduate scholarships are available, depending on the quality of the candidates, each valued at AUD $70,000 per year for a maximum of three years (up to AUD $210,000). Please note the length of years funded is determined by the official length of the proposed degree at a full time study load.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for a John Monash Scholarship you must:

  • Be an Australian Citizen,
  • Have completed or be about to complete an undergraduate degree from an Australian university, and,
  • Be planning to undertake postgraduate study at an overseas university commencing in the calendar year following the year of application and selection.

It is not necessary to have already been accepted to the institution at the time of applying. The scholarships support any postgraduate degree however the applicant must be able to argue the merits of the chosen course and institution.

The John Monash Scholarships are not limited by age, gender, or academic field of study.

In awarding John Monash Scholarships, factors considered include:

  • Excellence in the candidate’s field of study – This is usually demonstrated by having completed or be about to complete a university degree or degrees with outstanding results, but can also be demonstrated through prizes, awards, conference presentations, publications, performance and exhibitions (for arts candidates).
  • leadership and citizenship – Candidates should demonstrate leadership experience or potential in the field of study, professional environment and/or the community.
  • research project or study program – Specific, well-developed case for support for the candidate’s study to be conducted at an overseas university. Applicants will need to justify why this is the right program, at the right point in their career, at the right institution.
  • proposed career pathway– Candidates must present a credible and concrete pathway, addressing an issue the applicant is passionate about, and which will be of benefit to Australia; and
  • two references: outlining the applicants abilities and endorsing the proposed course of study.

The John Monash Scholarships are available for postgraduate scholars to attend universities that are considered to be amongst the global leaders in their field of study. Applicants should identify in their applications up to three universities to which they have sought or would seek acceptance.

How to Apply

Applications open every year on the 1st of May. Access the application portal via the General Sir John Monash Foundation website.