Young Carer Award

Level of study
Any Undergraduate
Subject area
Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Social Sciences
Type of Award
External, University
Deadline for applying
Closed 21/01/2024 (Note: competition closed for this year)

Award Description

The Young Carer Scholarship exists to assist students who are Young Adult Carers in meeting living costs while studying at the University, including additional costs incurred as a result of their caring responsibilities.

These scholarships were generously established in memory of the late Sarah Hawkins. The Sarah Hawkins Award for Young Carers was the first of its kind to support young carers studying at Birmingham. This pioneering award provided young carers the extra support they needed to help balance their studies and caring responsibilities. The award is now the Young Carers Scholarship. Every year, Sarah's legacy is seeing young carers overcome the challenges they face to take their chance at university and pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

An additional scholarship has been established in recognition of two sisters, Patricia and Gillian Davies, who attended the University of Birmingham in the years just after the Second World War, while caring for their disabled mother. Both went on to live interesting and rewarding lives. It is hoped that, like Patricia and Gillian, the recipients of these scholarships will enjoy new opportunities in their lives during and after their time at university.

Value of Award

The value of each scholarship is £2,000, divided into two equal instalments. The scholarship is renewable each academic year for the duration of the programme, subject to academic progression and continuation of caring responsibilities.

Eligibility Criteria

The University of Birmingham Young Carer Scholarship is open to students who are Young Adult Carers (aged 18-24) with caring responsibilities for an adult friend or relative. You cannot apply for the award if you are caring for a child. 

We take into consideration each applicants household income, number of caring hours, type of caring responsibilities, associated costs and the potential impact on studies or wellbeing. Priority is generally be given to students who are caring at home, rather than living in University halls of residence.

You will be asked to submit a supporting letter from a professional who can comment on your caring responsibilities and how these have impacted. More information is given in the application form.

How to Apply

Please complete the Young Carer Award application form online.

You will be asked to provide details about yourself and your responsibilities as a young carer. There is a section within the form in which you can provide a personal statement, this is your opportunity to let the panel know how being a young carer impacts you and how the funds might make a difference to your student experience. You will also be asked to upload a letter from a professional such as a Key Worker, Social Worker, Teacher or GP who can confirm your status as a young carer.

The Young Carer Award is a selective scholarship. We may not be able to award every applicant, but we will inform you of the result of your application after the panel has convened to make their selection in February. 

If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch using the contact details below. 


Lois Boyle