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Philosophy of Mind Workshop Series

  • Resources for Philosophy of Mind workshop series developed with Mind in Camden.
  • A blog post describing the workshop series on Imperfect Cognitions by S Stammers.
  • A relevant blog post on the role of philosophy in overcoming epistemic injustice on the Mental Elf blog by S Stammers and L Bortolotti.
  • A podcast by B Astor (Mind in Camden) featuring S Stammers and describing the Philosophy of Mind Workshop Series, its aims, its reception, and its future applications. 
  • Interview with S Stammers about the workshop series on the Daily Nous.
  •  Comments on the Philosophy of Mind Workshop Series from the Director and Co-Founder of Inside Out Australia, Australia’s national body for clinical excellence in eating disorder treatment, after an intensive version of the workshop was presented to their organisation in 2018: “The Philosophy of Mind Workshop and the work by Project PERFECT has led us to consider ways in which we might continue to incorporate further opportunities for these valuable conversations, both by promoting the Philosophy of Mind open access workshop materials and by offering future events and workshops that explore questions in Philosophy of Mind relevant to theories about and experiences of mental health and mental distress. We have been sharing information about the open access workshop series materials at other workshops and meetings and will be including this information in our next inside out update which will go to all our subscribers in January 2019.” (Received 16 December 2018, original available on request)

Social Media Activity and Responses

  • ·The Mental Health Capacity launch online under the hashtag #MentalCapacity2020. Hosted by the Mental Elf and facilitated by Mark Brown, 26 March 2020. Available to view via youtube.
  • Lisa Bortolotti’s Doctors Without Borders publication generated debate on twitter from physicians, psychologists and other medical specialists. Nurse Shaun Wallace noted the relevance of Bortolotti’s argument with practitioners: “There’s an entire field of nursing in the UK [albeit a small one] that largely dropped the “disorder” talk thirty years ago as the long stay hospitals [institutions] were in the main closed.” 7 July 2020.
  • Lisa Bortolotti’s Aeon article ‘How validating their distorted memories helps people with dementia’ resonated with family members of sufferers, like Roberto Ferro Borini who tweeted: “your article is precise. My father has Alzheimer’s (unfortunately now at a more advanced stage) and he has benefited from people validating his frequently delusional thoughts. It’s not patronising but caring for his wellbeing.” 26 June 2018

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Belief, perception, and imagination

Memory and confabulation

Mental health stigma


Implicit bias and stereotyping

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