International partnerships

The University of Birmingham is proud of its extensive links with universities and other institutions throughout the world.

International Researchers

Our collaborations take an array of different forms, ranging from student exchange and teaching partnerships to joint research on global issues. Through our extensive network of international partnerships we offer opportunities for collaboration on many levels including supporting universities, governments and companies in the development of their staff and providing international experiences for students and staff. Our academic staff research together with colleagues from every continent to address wide-ranging issues such as ensuring future energy demands can be met or to address global poverty. 

We are committed to international collaboration and are a founder member of Universitas 21, the prestigious consortium of global research-led universities, which promotes international collaboration among its 27 member institutions across 13 countries. 

We participate actively in the European Erasmus scheme to promote mobility and cooperation between students and staff of different European countries and our extensive network of international exchange partners provides opportunities for students and staff to gain international experience in the wider global community. 

Our international partners

We actively seek to establish collaboration in new markets, as well as continually developing our range of collaborators in areas such as China, India, Brazil and North America where the University of Birmingham has long had a notable presence. Our partnerships also allow us to offer our expertise to governments and companies, to arrange funding for joint research projects with funding bodies and to work with centres of research expertise across the world.

We are always interested in furthering our cooperation and development overseas and providing new and exciting opportunities for our students and staff and we welcome informal, exploratory discussions.