University of Amsterdam

The University of Birmingham and the University of Amsterdam are joined in a strategic partnership that aims to build upon our long-standing Universitas 21 connection, and enhance collaborative opportunities between our institutions. The partnership prioritises two thematic areas:

UvA-UoB Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Participants 2019

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Drawing on the outstanding EDI related research at the Universities of Birmingham and Amsterdam, our partnership will see academic and professional services colleagues from across both institutions working together to share research and best practice, and to work collaboratively to embed EDI across institutional policy and governance, research, and education.

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Health Sciences

Building on our mutual membership of the Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group, and existing collaborations in health research, our partnership will enhance opportunities for joint research and training, medical student and academic exchanges, and joint training courses. 


Colleagues from the Universities of Birmingham and Amsterdam reflect on the new partnership, and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Workshop which took place at UvA in June 2019.

Professor Tim Jones, Provost and Vice Principal - Universities of Birmingham and Amsterdam launch strategic partnership

Professor Joanne Duberley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Equalities) - Joint Equality, Diversity & Inclusion workshop between the universities of Birmingham & Amsterdam
Dr Anne de Graaf, Chief Diversity Officer, University of Amsterdam - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion workshop: University of Birmingham & University of Amsterdam
Alex Mormoris, Equality and Diversity Officer, University of Birmingham and Fatima Kamal, Chief Diversity Team, University of Amsterdam reflect on a joint Equality, Diversity & Inclusion workshop with the University of Amsterdam