About us

Empowering UK-China connections and collaborations through academic excellence.

The China Institute is a supportive network for students, academics, commercial partners and those interested in creating relationships with Chinese partners. Our aim is to encourage a greater understanding of China and its place in the world.

Whether you are looking for opportunities in research, education, business engagement or to find out more about our exisiting collaborations, we can help. With years of experience working closely with Chinese partners and students, the China Institute is your first step towards making Chinese connections.

Our activities

  • encouraging collaborative research across campuses and nations
  • faciliating education partnerships with Chinese partners
  • raising the profile of work undertaken in China and the UK
  • hosting incoming visits from Chinese colleagues and partners
  • providing advice, guidance, and support for academics and University staff travelling to China
  • promoting the University of Birmingham’s engagements with China

Our vision

Ever since the first Chinese student enrolled at the university in 1907, the University of Birmingham has become the destination of choice for Chinese students and academics to study and collaborate. One of our first Chinese graduates in 1910 was the celebrated academic Li Siguang, since that time we have been building alliances across China, creating new opportunities that turn academic excellence into positive action.

As a trusted voice, the China Institute represents and supports individuals or initiatives looking to make a difference in UK-China engagement through learning, investment and working together.