Overseas offices

As part of our international strategy, the University has established a regional presence in Brussels, India, China, Brazil and Nigeria to maintain partnerships with local providers, continue our relationships with our alumni in their own country, further consolidate research collaboration, and provide local services to those students who apply to study at Birmingham.


Our Brussels Office facilitates and feeds into European policy debates and the development of Programmes. 

22-28 Avenue d’Auderghem/Oudergemselaan
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Email: Adrien Sellez (Brussels) or Sally Wiley (Birmingham) at: europe@lists.bham.ac.uk


The University of Birmingham have an office in New Delhi.

Address: The Taj Mahal Hotel, No. One Man Singh Road, New Delhi 110001 India

You can contact the India Office and colleagues there will be happy to answer your queries.

Mr Dipankar Chakraborty, India Institute Country Director, responsible for the University's overall engagement and partnerships in India, Email: d.chakraborty.1@bham.ac.uk 

Mr Ramesh Veluchamy, Country Officer, responsible for student recruitment to the University, Email: r.veluchamy@bham.ac.uk

Ms Nidhi Manocha, Student Recruitment Country Officer, responsible for student recruitment to the University's Dubai Campus, Email: N.Manocha@bham.ac.uk 

Ms Natasha Sandhu, Office Administrator, responsible for office administration and general enquiries, Email: N.Sandhu.1@bham.ac.uk


Guangzhou Centre

University of Birmingham
Guangzhou Centre
Yinglong Plaza,
Room 714, No.76, Fuli Yinglong,
Huangpu Avenue West,
Tianhe District,
Tel: +86 20 3888 0707 


Email: china@contacts.bham.ac.uk*  

*Important Note: If you email the address above you agree to Mingya Zong and our alumni contacting the University to discuss your application, any details contained within your application and sharing any personal information that you provide to them.

Brazil – For partnerships and collaboration

Our representative in Brazil is concerned with building institutional partnerships. For recruitment information please see our Brazil students page.

Flavia Rodrigues
Tel: + 55 11 994921334 (Brazil)/ +44 16 07940213644 (UK) 
Email: f.rodrigues@bham.ac.uk