Change of circumstances

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If there have been any changes to your circumstances since your loan period commenced, you need to ensure you let the University know.

What qualifies as a change of circumstances?

Typical changes include:

  • Transferring degree programs
  • Study mode, e.g. from full-time to part-time, extending, etc
  • Personal details e.g. permanent address or name, etc
  • Taking a temporary leave of absence
  • Permanently withdrawing from your program

Many of these changes require you to inform appropriate channels such as your tutor, your School or Student Data & Administration

If there are any changes in your circumstances, please log an online enquiry for the attention of Funding, Graduation & Awards as soon as possible, as it may affect your entitlement to Federal Aid.

How will my change of study mode affect my Federal Aid?

For students in writing up status (also known as 'Continuation Status' or 'Thesis Awaited') you are classed as 'half-time' for enrollment reporting purposes, therefore eligible for in-school deferment. This will allow you to temporarily suspend payments on any previous loans (Stafford, PLUS or Consolidation) whilst you are studying. It will also ensure that you are not charged interest on your current Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan. For more information, please visit the in-school deferment page. 

How will a leave of absence affect my Federal Aid?

If you are considering taking a leave of absence, you should follow University procedures by discussing the matter with your tutor/school first.  Any leave of absence of 180 days or more will be considered as permanent withdrawal.

If your temporary leave of absence is authorised, then your central student record will be updated and any remaining loan disbursements will be suspended or cancelled, as appropriate.

Please also email the Funding, Graduation & Awards team at to advise your leave of absence has been authorised.  

For more information, visit applying for a leave of absence

How will an authorised absence affect my Federal Aid?

If you are considering taking an authorised absence from the University, you will need to inform the Funding, Graduation & Awards team as soon as possible.  In certain circumstances, taking an authorised absence can affect your loan eligibility.  Please use our online form to let us know that you are going to be away from the University and we will be in touch as soon as possible to inform you of your continuing loan eligibility. 

I need to withdraw from my program, what should I do?

If you choose to withdraw permanently from your programme you must contact the Funding, Graduation & Awards team immediately by email at 

Return of Title IV Direct Loan funds

It is a legal requirement that if a student who receives Federal Aid withdraws from the University; a Return of Title IV calculation is carried out to determine the student's entitlement to Federal Aid based on the period of attendance. Unless a student has completed at least 60% of their programme (loan period), the University is required to repay funds to the U.S. Department of Education. Consequently, the student may be requested to make an additional tuition/accommodation payment to the University to replace these funds.

Please note that the withdrawal date is also the date that the student becomes responsible for repaying their loan(s). Only subsidized and unsubsidized loans qualify for a 6 month grace period.